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The LeadUp Solutions team includes experts in website design, customer communications, and lead generation. Our team has experience in heading up communications departments, designing advertising campaigns and creating online brands.

Ken Pustizzi, Sr

A serial innovator, Ken is most recognized as past CEO and President of Trico Lift, the tenth largest aerial equipment company in North America. Ken  is currently founder and CEO of Xspero – the innovative social giving app that makes it easy to give to nonprofits.  He is also co-owner of The Millville Investment Group which owns and operates The Glassworks in Millville, New Jersey.

Ken is the founder of SNJ Today, a media company that provides positive yet impactful news to the Southern New Jersey region.

Megan Wolf

A communications professional with a background in journalism and project management, Megan is passionate about helping others and seeing her community thrive. Creating efficient processes to complete projects and overseeing content creation across many platforms are currently Megan’s main focus.

Gianfranco Casalinuovo

Gianfranco is a performance-driven marketing visionary with experience in online and print publications, digital marketing, and website design and development with the end goal being lead generation.  With expertise in strategic planning, Gianfranco has a record of using innovative, front-line technology to exceed profitability goals, streamline operations, and turn around underperforming units. He has a strong focus on brand, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Kenny Pustizzi

For the past decade Kenny has held many credible positions for several businesses. As a result, this has given firsthand experience allowing him to be a knowledgeable source of information for other entrepreneurs. Currently Kenny is involved in running a newspaper, magazine, radio station, digital marketing company and a travel agency.

Prior to his business career, Kenny had a storied career around the game of baseball. From playing at an elite level in high school and college, to coaching at the high school level. Earning many accolades through the years, the most valuable achievements came off the field in way of family and many friends.

Kenny and his wife are the proud parents of three kids currently residing in Southern New Jersey.

Kenny considers volunteerism to be a vital aspect of his life and has enthusiastically offered to share his time and skills with a variety of organizations.

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