Automate your Email Responses

The purpose of auto email responses may surprise you. When you’re just starting out in internet marketing, you don’t really think about having a system that will communicate with your leads automatically. You are thinking about how to get your leads and probably even focusing on some one-on-one attention with them all. But as you go on, your list builds and you realize that you can’t keep up with all of them, you then know that choosing one of the many email autoresponders is a necessity. Auto email responses are also referred to as “email responder”, “mailbot”, or “autobot”. But they all do basically the same thing. They allow you to obtain and communicate with your potential customers and customers on a regular basis. 

Best Uses of Email Marketing

Auto email responses allow you to send information to a large group of recipients at scheduled intervals that you choose. Common key features include:

  • 1. Get automatic insertion of leads into your database after the opt-in form has been filled out. The forms that you create are customized according to the type of information you want from your customers. Keep in mind that the less information you ask from them, the more likely they are to fill out the form. Customize the form graphics and colors. Once someone fills out your form, they will automatically be placed in the list that you have specified. So, if this form is destined for your “business clients”, then, once someone fills out the form, he/she will automatically be placed in that group of contacts.
  • 2. Automatically deliver information at the times you have programmed. Once you have obtained your lead, they will be connected to the email series that you have already set up for them. He/she will automatically receive a Welcome email from you which you have already created. 
  • 3. Record your exchange of communication. Each contact will have a record that indicates the emails that were sent to and from this person. 
  • 4. Have the ability to instantly create and send your “blast” messages to the recipients of choice. If something comes up that you feel is important to your subscribers and it is not in the programmed messages, you can still let them all know about it at the same time. This is a blast email. You can write it once and “blast” it to your whole list.
  • 5. Create many different specific lists and organize leads. Autoresponders are extremely useful with administrative functions. You can formulate multiple lists to maintain a record of leads. Or organize data according to last message number, country, e-mail, status, etc. just by clicking a button.

Email auto responders are the tools that you can’t afford to not have to succeed in internet marketing. LeadUp Solutions has the email auto responder tools to take your business to the next level. Visit LeadUp.Solutions for more info or call 1- (856) 320-5070.