Program Overview

  • Feet On The Ave is sponsored by Vineland Downtown Improvement District and was created to help businesses promote digital coupons/offers through Social Media adverting.  This program will allow us to measure the direct impact and results of the digital ad campaigns and report them back to you.


The success of the program relies on two key points:

  • The effectiveness of the advertising.
  • How good the offer/coupon is.


You should consider an offer/coupon that includes one of the following:

    • Buy something and get something FREE. (Buy a movie ticket Get a free bag of popcorn) 
    • Buy One Get One FREE (Buy a dinner entree and Get One FREE) Remember you can limit the days of the week that the offer is accepted.
    • Buy One Get One 50% Off 
    • Big Discount 50% Off (10-20% off does not motivate consumers to react)
    • Free something for simply stopping in. (Get a free T-Shirt for stopping in when you spend $XX.)
 If you need assistance please contact the VDID or email us at info@leadup.solutions

Digital Coupon Information

Sample Digital Coupon

Below is what a typical digital coupon will look like on a mobile phone. You can click on the “Get Your Burger” button and go through the customer experience as well as how your location might redeem the offer at the point of sale.

USE: 1234 at the validation screen.